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A substance that acts on the body to change the way it works.
a) drug b) depressant c) inhalant d) hallucinogen
Unwanted effect of a medicine or drug.
a) caffeine b) stimulant c) side effect d) intoxicated
Using legal or illegal drugs for purposes other than mental or physical illness.
a) addiction b) nicotine c) depressant d) drug abuse
An illness affecting both the mind and body that makes people unable to go withou something,such as a drug.
a) depressant b) addiction c) carbon monoxide d) inhalant
A drug that speeds up the nervous system.
a) smokeless tobacco b) tar c) nicotine d) stimulant
A mild stimulant found in coffee, tea, colas, and chocolate.
a) caffeine b) tar c) alcohol d) carbon monoxide
A drug that slows down the nervous system.
a) depressant b) tar c) stimulant d) inhalant
Drugs that enter your body with the air you breathe.
a) depressants b) stimulants c) inhalants d) hallucinogen
Drugs that affect brain activity, changing the way a person senses the world.
a) caffeine b) addiction c) stimulant d) hallucinogen
A stimulant drug found in tobacco
a) hallucinogen b) inhalant c) nicotine d) tar
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