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What part of a cell uses cellular respiration to release energy stored in food?
a) cell membrane b) chlorophyll c) mitochondria d) water
Cells need to produce new cells in order to
a) create new chromosomes b) replace cells that have died c) obtain energy from sunlight d) release energy from food
Larger size, longer life, and specialization are three advantages to being a
a) eukaryote b) prokaryotes c) unicellular organism d) multicellular oganisms
Fermentation in muscles cells produces
a) glucose b) lactic acid c) water d) bateria
What part of the cell forms a barrier between the cell and its environment?
a) cell membrane b) nucleus c) ribosomes d) cholesterol
A group of cells with the same function makes up
a) an organism b) an organ system c) a tissue d) a structure
The material within bones that makes blood cells is called
a) fat b) mineral c) compact bone d) marrow
The material that controls all cell activities is called
a) mitochondria b) DNA c) H2O d) cytokinesis
What are food, water, air and a place to live?
a) charteristics of living things b) basic needs of most living things c) examples of living things d) stimuli
What part of the cell acts as the cell’s delivery system?
a) nuclelus b) necleolus c) mitchondria d) endoplasmis reticulum
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