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Name the following element: CaOH
a) calcium hydroxide b) calcium (II) hydroxide c) carbon hydroxide d) calcium oxygen hydride
Name the following element: N2O5
a) nitrogen oxide b) nitrate c) pentanitrogen dioxide d) dinitrogen pentoxide
What is the formula for magnesium hydroxide?
a) Mg(OH)2 b) Mg2OH c) MgOH d) MgH2
Name the following element: KBr
a) potassium bromide b) calcium bromide c) potassium bromine d) potassium bromate
What is the formula for calcium sulfate?
a) CaSO4 b) Ca(SO4)2 c) CaSO4 d) Ca2SO4
What is the formula for Aluminum oxide?
a) Al2O3 b) Al3O3 c) Al3O2 d) AlO
What is the formula for carbon tetrachloride?
a) CCl4 b) CCl2 c) CCl d) C4Cl
Which of the following correctly describes carbon dioxide?
a) covalent bond b) thermo bond c) metallic bond d) ionic bond
Which of the following correctly describes calcium sulfate?
a) ionic bond b) molar bond c) metallic bond d) covalent bond
What is the name of KNO3?
a) potassium nitrate b) potassium nitride c) potassium (III) nitrate d) potassium nitrogen oxide
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