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When researching for a report about a country, which resources would be the best to use?
a) fiction book, everybody book, dictionary b) biography book, atlas, dictionary c) print encyclopedia, nonfiction book, website d) Wikipedia
You need to find statistics about basketball for a report for P.E.. Which resource would be most helpful?
a) Dictionary b) Atlas c) Thesaurus d) Almanac
This reference book would have information about where koala bears live and what they eat?
a) Thesaurus b) Almanac c) Encyclopedia d) Atlas
Which Dewey Decimal section contains books about history and geography?
a) 900s b) 600s c) 800s d) 300s
Which book would help you learn more about a specific person's lfe?
a) Almanac b) Biography c) Atlas d) Thesaurus
If you needed to find the country of origin for a word, you would use what kind of reference book?
a) Autobiography b) Unabridged Dictionary c) Almanac d) Atlas
What kind of books would you find in the 500s section of a library?
a) Folktales b) Language c) Science d) Sports
A dictionary should be used to find which of the following?
a) Definition b) Pronunciation c) Part of Speech d) All of the above
Harry Potter, My Weird Schools, and Magic Tree House books can be found in what section of the library?
a) Fiction b) NonFiction c) Reference d) Biography
There are 3 main ways to search the online catalog for a book, what are they?
a) AR level, # of pages, color of the front cover b) Title, Author, Subject c) Subject, AR level, Fiction d) Size of the book, pictures, author
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