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If someone wanders from subject to subject they might be considered
a) desultory b) ebullient c) eclectic d)
Sometimes people are accused of being snobby or wearing a ?
a) vest b) cloak c) diadem d)
My grandma's house is hodge podged - lots of different things. She is an ______ decorator.
a) average b) eclectic c) boring d)
When your mom says to clean up your act, she's trying to ________you.
a) edify b) deviate c) desicate d)
Most prom dresses are sleek and sexy rather than ______________.
a) desiccated b) despicable c) diaphanous d)
Our local cheerleaders are extremely _____________.
a) ebullient b) eclectic c) despicable d)
At grandma's funeral, I read a long sad _____________.
a) diadem b) elegy c) deviate d)
After a long losing football season, most players felt worn our and __________.
a) ebullient b) effeted c) egregious d)
Sometimes we say things that are completely unexpected and offensive and we don't realize how ___________ we've been.
a) eclectic b) ebullient c) egregious d)
Mr. Holicky often ______________ answers from his students .
a) effetes b) elicits c) derides d)
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