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Six-stringed instrument
a) Hexagonal b) Hexachord c) Sextet d) Septennial
The shape of a six-sided figure
a) Hexagonal b) Hexachord c) Sextet d) Septennial
Having eight sides and angles
a) Sextet b) Septennial c) Heptads d) Octagonal
A musical composition of six parts
a) Septennial b) Sextet c) Heptads d) Octagonal
Occurring every seven years
a) Sextet b) Octagonal c) Septennial d) Heptad
A group of seven
a) Septennial b) Octopus c) Sextet d) Heptad
To destroy; to execute every 10th person
a) Nonillion b) Decimeter c) Decimate d) Decathlete
The number one followed by 30 zeroes
a) Decimeter b) Decimate c) Nonillion d) Decathlete
A 10-legged creature, such as crabs, shrimp, and lobsters
a) Decathlete b) Decapods c) Decimate d) Decimeter
A person participating in 10 events
a) Decimeter b) Decimate c) Decapods d) Decathlete
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