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Which of the following naturally occurring physical features promoted trade and transportation the most prior to the invention of steam engines?
a) canals b) roads c) rivers d) bridges
All of the following are natural resources providing Louisiana with many jobs and money EXCEPT:
a) lumber b) oil c) festivals d) natural gas
All of the following are part of Louisiana\'s agriculture industry EXCEPT:
a) cash crops b) livestock c) petroleum d) catfish ponds
New Orleans has been such a historically AND economically important American city because of its success as a
a) port for boats on the Mississippi River b) state capital c) Voodoo holy city d) tourist destination
Which river runs through Shreveport?
a) Mississippi b) Sabine c) Red d) Pearl
Which river runs through Baton Rouge and New Orleans?
a) Mississippi b) Sabine c) Red d) Pearl
Which characteristics have contributed most to Louisiana being a predominantly agricultural economy?
a) hot, wet climate most of the year b) textile factories c) abundance of flooding and hurricanes d) rocky, mountainous terrain
Louisiana is the ONLY state in the United States to have which of the following?
a) parishes b) natural resources c) counties d) ports
Louisiana\'s government is a mirror image of the United States government. Which of the following answers best describes Louisiana\'s state government?
a) governor, 2 house legislative branch, Supreme Court b) Cabinet, representatives, judges appointed for life c) President, Congress, Supreme Court d) mayor, city council, district judge
One of the earliest civilizations known on North American Soil lived in Louisiana. What name is given to these Indians?
a) Maya b) Poverty Point c) Inca d) Aztec
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