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Leader of Britain during WW2
a) Churchill b) Mussolini c) Roosevelt d) Hirohito
Leading scientist from Germany. Was Jewish. Helped U.S. develop Atomic bomb
a) Ben Davis b) Chester Nimitz c) Albert Einstein d) Hideki Tojo
Leader of the U.S. for most of WW2
a) Truman b) Roosevelt c) Churchill d) Hoover
Leader of Japan during WW2
a) Patton b) Stalin c) Tojo d) Hirohito
Leader of U.S. forces at the Battle of the Bulge
a) George Patton b) Chester Nimitz c) Ben Davis d) Harry Truman
Leader of U.S. naval forces at Battle of Midway
a) Chester Nimitz b) Ben Davis c) Dwight Eisenhower d) George Patton
Leader of Soviet Union during WW2. Was a dictator
a) Hirohito b) Hitler c) Stalin d) Churchill
Leader of Germany in WW2. Dictator. Fascist.
a) Hitler b) Patton c) Mussolini d) Stalin
Leader of Italy during WW2. Was killed by his own countrymen. Was a dictator.
a) Hitler b) Churchill c) Patton d) Mussolini
President who dropped atomic bomb on Japan.
a) Truman b) Churchill c) Roosevelt d) Hoover
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