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What pre-Greek civilization is noted for it's cultural achievements?
a) Minoans b) Spartans c) Barbarians d) None of the Above
How did the Mycenaeans come to dominate the Aegean region?
a) They conquered the Greeks. b) They conquered the Trojans c) They conquered the Minoans d) The Minoans grew weak and just went away.
Oral Tradition kept the early history of the Greeks alive during the _________________.
a) Dark Age b) Gloomy Times c) Golden Age d) Democracy
Who gave money to Sparta during the Peloponnesian War?
a) The Trojans because they just thought Sparta was very cool. b) The Athenians because they loved their Spartan allies. c) The Carthaginians because they really hated Athens. d) The Persians because they wanted Sparta and Athens to destroy each other.
The father of history
a) Herodotus b) Aristophanes c) Hippocrates d) Plato
Pioneer in the field of medicine who established an oath that members of his profession still take today!
a) Herodotus b) Aristophanes c) Hippocrates d) Plato
Was an early historian known for carefully evaluating historical evidence.
a) Aristophanes b) Hippocrates c) Thucydides d) Sappho
Wrote down the stories of the Iliad and Olyssey in epic poem form
a) Homer b) Hippocrates c) Hestia d) Herodotus
In this ancient city-state, boys and girls both were given a strong physical education. However, boys also had some cultural training.
a) Athens b) Sparta c) (Blank) d) (Blank)
This ancient city-state was known for giving citizens participation in government and personal freedom.
a) Athens b) Sparta c) (Blank) d) (Blank)
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