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How did people explain the world before the Scientific Revolution?
a) Superstition b) Careful study and planning c) Natural Laws d) Randomization
Who was an enlightened ruler in Europe?
a) Louis XVI b) Philip II c) Catherine the Great d) Conan the Barbarian
What protected the right to liberty, to work, and to one's own opinion in France?
a) Natural Laws b) The Bill of Rights c) Napoleonic Code d) Manifest Destiny
What was the alliance that put an end to Napoleon's rule over the French Empire?
a) The Allied Forces b) The Quadruple Alliance c) The Spanish Inquisition d) The Triple Alliance
What is the industry where cloth is made called?
a) Textiles b) Essential Minerals c) Eclectics d) Polytechnics
What is a political system in which people freely elect their leaders?
a) Empire b) Democracy c) Monarchy d) Communal Dictatorship
What country attempted to keep their secrets about industrialization from the rest of the world?
a) United States b) Great Britain c) Russia d) Japan
What event ended the French monarchy's rule over France?
a) Storming of the Bastille b) The Battle of Waterloo c) The Reign of Knights d) The American Revolution
What was Napoleon's final battle?
a) Hastings b) Normandy c) Waterloo d) Paris
What are large building with many workers called?
a) Industries b) Collective Farms c) Factories d) Workshops
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