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The first leaders India, during the Mauryan Empire.
a) united b) divided c) created d) destroyed
Who built the Mauryan Empire?
a) Gupta b) Chandragupta c) Ashoka d) Mauryan
Chandragupta used many soldiers & elephants to overthow the weak kingdoms in the
a) south b) east c) north d) west
What is an edict?
a) request b) university c) empire d) command
What kind of metalwork was done?
a) engraving coins b) sculpting clay c) writing plays d) making jewelry
What did Ashoka want?
a) strong, united empire guided by Buddhist values b) strong, united empire guided by Hindu values c) strong, united empire guided by Egyptian values d) weak, united empire guided by Christian values
How was Chandragupta successful?
a) strong empire gov't, wrote laws, made sure farms had water, built a road b) weak gov't, wrote requests, made sure ppl had food, built a castle c) strong central gov't, wrote laws, made sure farms had water, built a road d) weak central gov't, wrote secrets, gave everyone an elephant, built a road
Which was NOT one of the main goals of the edicts?
a) general welfare b) justice c) security d) Hindu values
Who went to universities?
a) lower class b) middle class c) upper class d) empire leaders
Literature was written about what?
a) law & presidents b) requests & religion c) elephants & wars d) law & religion
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