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The first Europeans to discover Canada.
a) Vikings b) British c) Spanish d) French
European country that was the first to successfully settle in Canada.
a) Spain b) Portugal c) France d) Great Britain
First permanent city in Canada.
a) Montreal b) Quebec c) Toronto d) Ottawa
Name Europeans gave to Canada
a) British Columbia b) Ontario c) Mexico d) New France
Major product traded from New France to France.
a) furs b) cotton c) sugarcane d) tobacco
Religion French missionaries brought to Canada.
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Christianity d) Buddism
Name of the war between France and Britain for control of Canada.
a) American Revolution b) French and Indian War c) French Revolution d) Russian Revolution
Name of people of Quebec that want to be independent/separate from Canada.
a) Separatists b) Francophones c) Quebecois d) Nationalists
Province of Canada with a strong French culture.
a) Onatario b) British Columbia c) Prince Edward Island d) Quebec
Language spoken in Quebec.
a) French b) English c) Spanish d) Latin
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