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In which European country did the king claim an African colony as his own property and ruled it privately?
a) France b) Belgium c) Germany d)
When did independence come to most areas of Africa?
a) by 1900 b) most areas are still not independent c) after WWII d)
This means 'apartness'-to segregate
a) apartheid b) c) slavery d) imperialism
Which of the following was a barrier to European imperialism in Africa?
a) deserts b) c) temperate climates d) navigable rivers
This is the control of one country by another
a) imperialism b) c) afrikaan d) apartheid
Which group of European countries colonized Africa
a) England, France and Greece b) c) Germany, Spain and Italy d) Italy, Portugal and Switzerland
How did the world react to apartheid in South Africa
a) countries boycotted against South Africa b) c) nations encouraged trade with South Africa d) nations had no reaction to apartheid
Which of the following economic changes did European imperialism cause in Africa?
a) African farmers continued to grow food crops to benefit their families b) c) European imperial powers changed the economies to benefit colonial rule, not Africans d) African economies remained the same as they always had
Who were Afrikaners?
a) Dutch, Spanish, Americans b) c) Dutch, French, German settlers d) China, India, Russia
Why did European nations give up their colonies in Africa?
a) the colonies were no longer economically profitable b) c) after WWII, European countries realized that holding humans in colonies was not democratic d) after WWII, European countries lacked resources and will to keep colonies
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