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a question or set of questions designed to collect data about a specific group of people
a) survey b) random sample c) principal d) population
a sample in which the members are selected purely on the basis o chance
a) random sample b) sample c) survey d) population
the entire group of items or individuals from which the samples under consideration are taken
a) population b) discount c) sample d) random sample
the amount paid or earned for the use of money
a) simple interest b) principal c) sales tax d) percent equation
an additional amount of money charged on items that people buy
a) sales tax b) simple interest c) percent of increase d) principal
the amount of money deposited or invested
a) principal b) sales tax c) percent of increase d) simple interest
the amount by which the regular price of an item is reduced
a) discount b) percent of decrease c) principal d) sales tax
a percent change when the original quantity goes down
a) percent of decrease b) percent equation c) percent of change d) percent of increase
a ratio that compares the change in quantity to the original amount
a) percent of change b) percent of decrease c) percent of increase d) percent equation
a percent of change when the original quantity goes up
a) percent of increase b) percent of decrease c) percent equation d) percent of change
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