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Learning the meanings of words from the context in which the word is spoken is known as
a) fast-mapping b) overregularization c) syntax d) pragmatics
When a candy bar is moved from a cabinet (where everyone knows they are kept) to the table in plain view of Mary, she assumes her mother will look on the table for the candy.
a) This is false belief b) This is mutual exclusivity bias c) This is episodic memory d) This is analogic transfer
When Olivia is asked what costume she wore for Halloween, she says a cat. This is an example of
a) episodic memory b) general memory c) semantic memory d) holiday recall
Water is poured into a tall, thin glass and the same amount of water is poured into a short, wide glass. The child says the tall glass has more water. This is example of
a) conservation tasks b) egocentrism c) ordinality d) false belief
Unintentional learning that occurs while a child is processing information from a structured learning experience is called
a) implicit learning b) analogic transfer c) fast-mapping d) theory of mind
If a child is unable to separate their own perspective from that of another, they are said to be
a) egocentric b) selfish c) lacking theory of mind d) showing semiotic function
Taking solutions from an old problem and using them to solve a new but similar problem is known as
a) analogic transfer b) good memory c) semiotic functions d) pragmatics
In order to make an analogic transfer, children must have been able to develop their
a) memory b) self-esteem c) sense of egocentrism d) theory of mind
When the rules for using language are used appropriately in a social context - saying Thank You to adult but grabbing from another child, is known as
a) pragmatics b) analogic transfer c) egocentrism d) semantics
Knowing that a number refers to the item's order or placement in a set of items - first, second, thirteenth - is
a) ordinality b) cardinality c) syntax d) pragmatics
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