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Congressional meetings are called:
a) Sessions b) Terms c) Gatherings d) Debates
The largest body of Congress is the:
a) Senate b) President c) House d) Supreme Court
This body of Congress has two members from each state:
a) Senate b) President c) House d) Supreme Court
The formal disapproval of a Senator's actions is called a:
a) Censure b) Treason c) Gerrymandering d) Census
Which of the following is a Senatorial benefit?
a) Censure b) Census c) Gerrymandering d) Franking Privilege
Representatives are elected from:
a) Presidential Appointments b) Gerrymandering c) Congressional Districts d) Congress
Redistricting power was abused by creating congressional district of unequal power and by
a) Census b) Censure c) Bicameral Legislature d) Gerrymandering
Senators are elected for
a) two year terms b) six year terms c) life d) four year terms
One reason incumbents are re-elected is because they have
a) Republican support. b) name recognition with voters. c) parlimentary procedure. d) Constitutional Convention debates.
Members of Congress can be arrested for this offense even when attending Congress.
a) treason b) murder c) bribery d) tax evasion
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