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The duties of the General Assembly are drafted by which document?
a) US Constitution b) Kentucky Constitution c) Declaration of Independence d) Declaration of Rights
Which of the following events occured after reconstruction?
a) Johnson's impeachment b) Grant's election c) Wounded Knee d) Ratification of the 14th amendment
The Commonwealth of Kentucky decided it must build a new courthouse. Which is the most likely source of money to pay for the constuction of the building?
a) Taxes b) Profits c) Salaries d) none of the above. The government doesn't pay for goods and services
When an individual exchanges goods or services directly without making money, we call this
a) sales b) purchasing c) a credit transaction d) barter
What skill would most likely be developed by the earliest settlers of Kentucky?
a) Igloo making b) Log cabin building c) Adobe house making d) Sod house construction
On election day, Jack goes to his county office to cast his vote. Jack is
a) obeying his Ninth Amendment b) fulfilling his civic responsibility c) having his civil rights violated d) paying his taxes
Goods and services are bought and sold in a/an
a) budget b) opportunity cost c) market d) monetary policy
What are the members of the Kentucky Supreme Court called?
a) Senators b) Representatives c) Justices d) Legislators
A coal miner would most likely live and work in
a) the Mojave Desert b) the Appalachian Mountains c) Pittsburgh, PA d) Utah
Which motto appears on the Commonwealth of Kentucky?
a) Death to Tyrants b) In God we Trust c) The Bluegrass State d) United we Stand, Divided we Fall
Who fought against each other in the Civil War?
a) The North and The South b) The British and the Colonist c) The North and the East d) French and the Indians
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