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The result of a force applied to an object causing it to move
a) work b) effort c) load d) lever
a measure of how fast an object changes position
a) speed b) acceleration c) grade d) energy
The force moved by a machine when effort is applied
a) load b) effort c) work d) inclined plane
the steepness of a slope
a) grade b) speed c) acceleration d) effort
the force applied to a machine
a) effort b) load c) speed d) energy
the ability to do work
a) energy b) speed c) grade d) effort
slanted surface
a) inclined plane b) lever c) simple machine d) grade
the rate of change in velocity over a period of time
a) acceleration b) lever c) speed d) energy
a beam or bar that rotates around a fulcrum
a) lever b) load c) inclined plane d) simple machine
a device used to make work easier
a) simple machine b) lever c) inclined plane d) energy
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