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Sounded like someone hitting a mild bottle with a ball-peen hammer
a) George b) Hazel c) Eckles d) Mr. Travis
I am the Emperor...
a) George b) Millecent c) Hazel d) Harrison
A dog whined, shivering, on the front porch
a) Hazel b) the house c) George d) Eckles
This makes Africa seem like Illinois.
a) Mr. Travis b) Eckles c) Sekhar d) Momma
It would not be so bad now, being part of the group..
a) Millicent b) Harrison Bergeron c) Tim O'Brien d) George
Have you ever seen a lame animal...perhaps a dog run over by a careless person?
a) Momma b) Dee c) Maggie d) Asalamalakin
In June of 1968, a month after graduating from Macalester, I was drafted..
a) Harrison b) Maggie c) Dee d) the narrator
a small price to pay for the luxury of practicing Truth.
a) Millicent b) Sekhar c) the nanny d) the narrator
It can't be killed!
a) Momma b) Dee c) Mr. Travis d) Eckles
I could tell that one was a doozy.
a) Harrison b) Hazel c) George d) Millicent
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