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Nasal cannula is
a) Oxygen tubing b) Urinary catheter c) An IV d) Enema
Which is NOT an age-related change in the respiratory tract?
a) Changes in posture limit chest expansion b) Lungs are less able to expand c) Softened cartilage allows for greater lung expansion d) Weaker muscles affect ability to breathe deeply
What must body cells have to survive?
a) Oxygen b) Hydrogen c) Peristalsis d) Atrophy
What type of pneumonia is caused by choking?
a) Hypostatic b) PVD c) Hypotensive d) Aspiration
A sign that the patient is not getting enough oxygen is
a) Tremor b) Cyanosis c) Paralysis d) Slowed peristalsis
The best position for a resident with dyspnea is
a) Raise the head of the bed b) Feet elevated c) On the side d) Sims
Difficulty breathing is called
a) Hypotension b) Infection c) Dyspnea d) Atrophy
The orthopnea position may help a patient
a) Stand up faster b) Breathe easier c) Walk with assistance d) Lose weight
If the nurse asks for a sputum specimen, the patient should be asked to
a) Call the doctor b) Be NPO c) Expectorate into a container d) Take their medication
A common type of COPD is
a) Aspiration pneumonia b) Appendicitis c) Edema d) Emphysema
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