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Where are genes located?
a) In the mitochondria located inside of the cell b) On the chromosomes located inside the nucleus of the cell c) Near the base of the vacuaole d) On the outside of the nucleus
A male has the genotype XY. Which parent is responsible for giving the son the Y chromosome?
a) mother b) father c) both the mother and father d) neither the father nor the mother
The process by which organisms that are most suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully.
a) Selective breeding b) Biological influence c) Natural selection d) Organic breeding
What kind of alleles are present in the heterozygous genotype?
a) two identical alleles b) two recessive alleles c) two non-identical alleles d) two dominant alleles
Which of the following traits would help a rabbit living in a forest survive?
a) A longer neck b) Having fewer babies c) A pure white coat d) Better hearing
Where are chromosomes located?
a) In the genes b) In the nucleus c) In the DNA d) In the mitochondria
Although Charles Darwin may not have been aware of it, the differences that he saw in individual finches within a population of birds were probably caused by _____________.
a) A learned behavior b) A fossil record c) Resistance d) Mutations
When a farmer only breeds cows that allows produce a lot of milk, this process is called __________.
a) Selective breeding b) Natural breeding c) Innate behavior d) Adaptation
A change in the chromosome structure caused by radiation, chemicals, pollutants, or replication ic called a/an _________________.
a) Mutation b) Allele c) Gene d) Replicator
What type of reproduction results in a variation of traits within a species?
a) Regeneration b) Asexual Repoduction c) Binary fission d) Sexual reproduction
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