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To begin any webpage you put what?
a) b) c) d)
Tables are not good for organizing information on a webpage
a) False b) True c) d)
The code does what?
cow<.td> chicken
a) Makes a table with no border b) Makes a table with a border of 3 c) makes a row d) Makes a header
If Dennis has a table and wants to put the word cow in one cell and chicken in another and both on the same row what would he enter?
a) cow chicken> b) row cow chicken c)
To end a table in html what code would Tiffany enter ?

b) c)
To move my text to the right I would enter
a) right b) c) d)
The title of the web page appears where
a) In the browser’s title bar b) At the bottom of your page c) In a bookmark d)
When one uses color they should
a) Use red and green together for a Christmas theme b) Use plain white c) Be creative and use as many colors as possible d) Use contrasting colors for background and text and use web safe colors that are from the hexadecimal
Be ________ in all design elements used on all pages
a) Wordy b) Consistent c) Sporadic d) Choosy
If Jim wants to put a table with a border of 4 on his webpage he would enter
c) d)
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