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What is a database
a) A set of instructions to retrieve data b) none of the above c) An online program for creating forms d) A structured collection of records and data
What is the difference between data and information?
a) Data is always numerical while information is always text b) none of the above c) Data is raw facts while information is data processed in some way d) Data consists of formatted text while information is a bulleted list
How is database organised?
a) A database contains indexes and filters stored in tables b) A database contains reports and fields stored in tables c) none of the above d) A database contains fields and records stored in tables
What is used when there is a need to uniquely identify each record in a table?
a) filter b) primary key c) none of the above d) report
Which of the following is NOT a common use of large scale databases?
a) none of the above b) Home DVD Database System c) Banking Systems d) Airline Booking Systems
What is important when designing a database?
a) A table should contain data related to a single subject type b) a report should be very colourful c) a query should fetch data only from one table d) none of the above
What is the field name?
a) None of the above b) a field name is a column c) field name represents the smallest unit of data d) a field name is the primary key
What could be used to find and sort records faster?
a) validation rule b) indexed fields c) none of the above d) Yes/No as data type of the key field
What is a query used for in a database?
a) to display and maintain records b) none of the above c) to store records and fields d) to analyse data from existing tables
Which of the following is an appropriate type for a field containing decimal values?
a) Text b) Number c) AutoNumber d) True/False
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