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Waves are mostly caused by
a) storms b) shoreline c) motion d) winds
a) Rise and fall three times a day b) Rise and fall twice a year c) Rise and fall about twice a day d) Rise and fall once daily
________ moves up and down in a circular motion.
a) Waves b) Oceans c) Tides d) Currents
__________ are flowing streams of water that move continually through the ocean in a specific direction.
a) Winds b) Currents c) Waves d) Tides
_______ are the daily rising and falling of the ocean's waters.
a) Rivers b) Currents c) Waves d) Tides
______are caused bt the moon's gravitational pull on earth.
a) Waves b) Winds c) Currents d) Tides
_______ is the repeated movement of water.
a) Waves b) Currents c) Oceans d) Tides
Waves do not carry objects forward, except at the
a) deep currents. b) place of movement. c) surface currents. d) shoreline.
______flow like rivers in different directions.
a) Tides b) Oceans c) Waves d) Currents
______ are caused by the Earth's rotation, wind, or differences in temperature and salinity.
a) Oceans b) Currents c) Waves d) Tides
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