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the lesson or main message about life found in the poem or story
a) theme b) alliteration c) onomatopoeia d) personification
involves words and phrases that appeal to the five senses. Creates a picture in the reader's mind
a) theme b) personification c) imagery d) simile
words sound like what they are: ex: whish, crack, ring, boom, bam, pow
a) alliteration b) theme c) personification d) onomatopoeia
a comparison of two unlike things using like or as
a) simile b) personification c) alliteration d) mood
making an object act like a person or animal, "The ducks complained all day."
a) imagery b) personification c) mood d) figurative language
baby bottles bust open--what is this?
a) onomatopoeia b) alliteration c) personification d) imagery
water splashes into the pond then dribbled down the hill--what is this?
a) alliteration b) personification c) onomatopoeia d) simile
the wind whispered through the trees--what is this?
a) simile b) alliteration c) onomatopoeia d) personification
Her smile was as bright as the sun. What is this?
a) simile b) personification c) alliteration d) onomatopoeia
The lesson in "The 3 Little Pigs" is ALWAYS BE PREPARED. What is this?
a) simile b) theme c) stanza d) line
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