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What is the adjective in this sentence: The house has eight rooms.
a) house b) the c) rooms d) eight
What is the adjective in this sentence: We used a tall ladder.
a) tall b) ladder c) a d) used
Which one is an article
a) is b) want c) a d) so
Articles are
a) a, an, the b) a, an, can c) were, wil d) is, are, was
What is the adjective in the sentence: The recipe was easy.
a) was b) easy c) the d) recipe
Which is a proper adjective
a) America b) American c) St. Thomas d) Walmart
Proper adjectives are always capitalized
a) true b) never c) sometimes d) false
Which is correct: A spider monkey is _______ than a gorilla.
a) lightest b) most lightest c) more lighter d) lighter
Which is correct. His nose was ______ than mine.
a) reder b) most red c) more red d) redder
Which is correct
a) Dear Jacob b) Waterford Wisconsin c) Dear Jane, d) sincerely
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