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About how much gasonline is used in the U.S. each year?
a) 130 billion gallons b) 130 million gallons c) 130 trillion gallons d) 130 thousand gallons
Whic of the following energy resources is used to generate heat in a power plant?
a) coal b) gas c) oil d) All of the above
The U.S,. state that produces more electricity from wind energy than any other state is:
a) California b) Washington c) Kansas d) Oregon
The main energy source for operating automobiles is:
a) petroleum b) coal c) natural gas d) geothermal
Of the following resources, that wihc has the LOWEST impact on the environment when used is
a) wind b) biomass c) coal d) petroleum
Of the following, the element used to fuel nuclear power plants is:
a) hydrogen b) titanium c) radium d) uranium
Which of the following has the LEAST chance of being used 50 years from now?
a) coal b) petroleum c) wind d) solar
Cars of the future will have which of the following advantages?
a) They will be more efficient and pollute less b) They will cost more and pollute less c) They will use less gas and cost less d) They will fly and drive themselves
The increase of which of the following gasses in the atmospheres contributes MOST to climate change?
a) oxygen b) carbon dioxide c) nitrogen d) methan
Most of Earth's fresh water is:
a) water in the ground. b) surface water. c) frozen. d) found in oceans.
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