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The moving of sediments and soil to a new location by wind, water, ice and gravity is called_____.
a) deposition b) weathering c) erosion d) construction
The processes that create landforms are considered to be _____.
a) destructive b) mountains c) landforms d) constructive
_____ processes destroy landforms.
a) avalanches b) destructive c) sediment d) constructive
_____ is the dropping or depositing of sediments or soils in a new location by water, wind or ice.
a) deposition b) weathering c) erosion d) constructive
The process that breaks down rocks into smaller pieces is called _____.
a) erosion b) volcano c) deposition d) weathering
Floods can cause _____ to form.
a) earthquakes b) avalanches c) canyons and rivers d) seamounts
Seashells on a beach are an example of _____.
a) deposition b) weathering c) erosion d) constructive processes
A sandbar is an example of _____.
a) erosion b) weathering c) deposition d) a destructive process
_____ are mass movements of land on land or under the ocean.
a) earthquakes b) mudslides c) seamounts d) landslides
_____ are vibrations in Earth's surface caused by sudden movement along a fault, plate or break in the Earth's surface.
a) Tsunamis b) Earthquakes c) Landslides d) Mudslides
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