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The type of attraction between solid surfaces with a charge and water molecules is called?
a) cohesion b) adhesion c) capillarity d) relativity
A strong base would have the pH of what?
a) thirteen b) two c) nine d) five
When Kool-aid is dissolved in water, the water is known as what?
a) organic b) acid c) solute d) solvent
Water molecules bonding with each other.
a) capillarity b) cohesion c) solute d) adhesion
The oxygen end of the water molecule has what charge?
a) negative b) no charge c) positive d) same charge as the hydrogen end.
A mixture containing dissolved substances.
a) suspension b) solution c) solute d) base
A mixture containing non-dissolved particles.
a) solute b) solution c) suspension d) base
Compounds that release H+ ions into solution.
a) inorganic b) organic c) bases d) acids
When Kool-Aid is dissolved in water the Koll-aid is what?
a) organic b) solute c) solution d) solvent
Compounds that do not contain carbon?
a) organic b) inorganic c) solute d) bases
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