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Wrote the constitution
a) James Madison b) Amendments c) Constitution d) Articles
the law
a) Articles b) Amendments c) Constitution d) James Madison
added laws
a) Amendments b) Constitution c) James Madison d) Bill of Rights
protects citizens rights and freedoms
a) Constitution b) Amendments c) Articles d) Bill of Rights
introduces constitution
a) Preamble b) Amendments c) Constitution d) James Madison
tells the jobs of President, Congress, and Supreme Court
a) Articles b) Amendments c) Constitution d) Preamble
1st President
a) George Washington b) Articles c) Amendments d) James Madison
oldest framer of the constitution
a) George Washington b) Constitution c) Ben Franklin d) James Madison
Where does the president live
a) My House b) Post Office c) My School d) White House
Lady holding a torch in NYC
a) Washington D.C. b) Statue of LIberty c) White House d) Flag
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