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Which factor has the greatest influence on the weathering rate of Earth\'s surface bedrock?
a) Local air pressure b) Regional climate c) Angle of insolation d) Age of the bedrock
Which type of climate causes the fastest chemical weathering?
a) cold and dry b) cold and humid c) hot and dry d) hot and humid
At which point of a stream meander is erosion the greatest?
a) inside of the meander b) outside of the meander c) middle of the meander d)
Why do particles carried by a river settle to the bottom when a river enters the ocean?
a) The large particles have a greater surface area than the small particles. b) The velocity of the river decreases as it enters the ocean. c) The density of the ocean water is greater than the density of the river water. d) The velocity of the river increases as it enters the ocean.
The action of a tree root splitting a rock is an example of
a) erosion b) chemical weathering c) physical weathering d) deposition
The velocity of a stream can be changed by
a) decreasing slope and/or increasing discharge b) decreasing slope and/or decreasing discharge c) increasing slope and/or increasing discharge d) increasing slope and/or decreasing discharge
As the discharge of a stream increases, the stream's ability to carry sediment
a) decreases b) increases c) stays the same d)
Breaking a particle into smaller pieces ________________ the surface area.
a) decreases b) increases c) does not change d)
If the minerals in soil do not match the local bedrock, it means that soil is
a) residual b) dirty c) transported d) made of clay
The entire area drained by a river is known as a
a) delta b) watershed c) cut bank d) tributary
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