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Which of the following is true if you print a document that contains highlighting?
a) The highlighting is not printed at all b) The highlight appears as black c) The highlight appears in shades of gray d) The highlighted text is placed within a border
Which of the following fonts contains symbols?
a) Wingdings b) all of the other answers c) WPIconicSymbolsA d) Webdings
The Symbol command is found under which menu?
a) View b) Tools c) Format d) Insert
Which enhancement carries the greatest emphasis?
a) all caps b) bold c) underline d) italics
Which of the following are nonprinting symbols and characters that indicate spaces, tabs, and hard returns?
a) Formatting marks b) Nonprinting marks c) WYSIWIG marks d) Show/Hide marks
Which of the following does not need a nonbreaking space?
a) Mrs. Wood b) August 13 c) Valdosta, GA d) page 16
Which of the following prevents words from separating due to the word-wrap feature?
a) Nonbreaking hyphens b) Nonbreaking spaces c) Nonspacing breaks d) none of the other answers
Which font is good for the body of a research paper?
a) Comic Sans b) Arial c) Times New Roman d) Keystroke
Which of the following symbols can not be inserted into a document using the keyboard?
a) + b) * c) @ d) none of the other answers
If you __________-click the Format Painter Button, you can copy the formats multiple times.
a) Single b) Double c) Triple d) Quadruple
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