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Adenine bonds with __________ while guanine bonds with __________
a) thymine; cytosine b) thymine; adenine c) guanine; cytosine d) cytosine; thymine
The covalent bonds in the backbone of DNA are:
a) weak to break easily in replication b) weak to dissolve in soap c) strong to increase the flexibility of the molecule d) strong to provide structure & support to the molecule
The process of DNA replication occurs in the....
a) nucleus b) cytoplasm c) ribosome d) middle of nowhere
DNA replication results in...
a) two identical moloecules of DNA b) 1 molecule of new DNA and 1 molecule of old DNA c) 2 identical molecules of DNA and 1 original molecule d) 1 molecule of DNA
The enzyme responsible for unwinding & unzipping the DNA molecule is...
a) helicase b) ligase c) DNA polymerase d) catalase
Which enzyme forms the new bonds between the backbone and the bases?
a) ligase b) DNA polymerase c) helicase d) amylase
Which enzyme adds new nucleotides to the replicated strand of DNA?
a) helicase b) DNA polymerase c) ligase d) saliva
The completely replicated strands of DNA are made of...
a) half new DNA and half old DNA b) entirely new DNA c) entirely old DNA d) new DNA from mom and new DNA from dad
What is the name of the protiens used to coil and wrap-up DNA inside the nucleus?
a) histones b) histamines c) antibodies d) hormones
The parts of a nucleotide are...
a) sugar, phosphate, and nitrogen bases b) deoxyribose sugars and cytosine or guanine c) thymine and adenine d) sugar-phosphate backbone
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