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Students listen to a podcast about an economic concept.
a) Transformation b) Adaptation c) Entry d) Adoption
All students contribute to a single set of math notes that the teacher writes while being projected on the screen.
a) Entry b) Adoption c) Adaptation d) Infusion
Students use Microsoft Publisher to produce travel brochures in world affairs class.
a) Adoption b) Entry c) Transformation d) Adaptation
Students use excel spreadsheets with formulas to figure out payments with a variety of interest rates.
a) Adaptation b) Adoption c) Infusion d) Entry
Students create a presentation on the novel they read.
a) Adoption b) Transformation c) Infusion d) Adaptation
Students complete a virtual dissection of a frog and submit the lab report in a format of thieir choosing.
a) Adaptation b) Infusion c) Transformation d) Entry
Students do a virtual dissection of a frog and electronically submit findings, in a format of their choosing, that compare the frog to the anatomy of a human
a) Adoption b) Transformation c) Entry d) Infusion
Students are told to research a specific human rights issue and then create a presentation that illustrates their thoughts on possible actions that can be taken.
a) Adaptation b) Infusion c) Transformation d) Adoption
Students develop their own questions about cells which leads to creating a lab, a hypothesis, collecting and analyzing data and submitting a final product to the teacher.
a) Transformation b) Adoption c) Entry d) Infusion
Students select a product or event around which they develop an online marketing campaign. They also conduct action research into the campaign's effectiveness.
a) Adaptation b) Adoption c) Infusion d) Transformation
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