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The idea of ___________ maintains that men like Peter and Paul handed down their power and authority from one generation of bishops to the next.
a) Apostolic succession b) Petrine theory c) Nicene Creed d) sacrament
The ___________ holds that Christ made Peter the head of the Catholic church and that Peter passed this power to the first bishop of Rome, whom he appointed.
a) sacrament b) Nicene Creed c) Petrine theory d) Apostolic succession
___________ is the opinion that Jesus was not God but rather had been created by God the Father.
a) Atheism b) Arianism c) Polytheism d) Monotheism
The statement of belief called the ___________ affirmed Christ's divinity.
a) Eucharist b) Christendom c) Petrine theory d) Nicene Creed
Services of the Roman church are called ___________ .
a) services b) Bible studies c) masses d) worship
The word ___________ means "sacred act."
a) koine b) sacrament c) canon d) catholic
The Catholic name for the Lord's Supper, ___________ , comes from the Greek words for thanks, favor, and grace.
a) Eucharist b) Communion c) Arian d) Thanfagrace
__________ was being cut off from the rulers of the church and, therefore, from the sacraments.
a) Arianism b) Canon c) Eucharist d) Excommunication
The portion of the world in which Christianity prevails is called ___________ .
a) God's Country b) Christendom c) Europe d) Rome
The Middle Ages lasted from about ___________ .
a) A.D. 100 - 200 b) A.D. 300 - 500 c) A.D. 500 - 1500 d) A.D. 1000 - 1200
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