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a ratio that compares two quantities with diferent kinds of units
a) Rate b) Unit rate c) Proportion d) Equivalent ratios
two ratios that have the same value
a) Equivalent ratios b) Proportion c) Cross products d) Unit Rate
a comparison of two numbers by division
a) Ratio b) Equivalent ratios c) Proportion d) Unit Rate
an equation that shows that two ratios are the same
a) Proportion b) Ratio c) Equivalent ratios d) Unit Rate
the product of the numerator of one ratio and the denominator of another
a) Cross products b) Proportion c) Equivalent ratios d) Ratio
a model used to represent something too big or too small for the actual model
a) Scale Model b) Scale factor c) Scale Drawing d) Scale
a drawing that is either larger or smaller than the actual object
a) Scale Drawing b) Scale c) Scale Model d) Scale factor
the ratio of the distance on a map to the actual distance
a) Scale b) Scale factor c) Scale Drawing d) Scale Model
a scale written as a ratio in simplest form
a) Scale factor b) Scale Model c) Scale Drawing d) Scale
a rate with a denominator of one
a) Unit rate b) Rate c) Proportion d) Equivalent ratios
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