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Who is Karl Marx?
a) Father of Communism--wrote the communism manifesto b) blank c) blank d) President of USSR
Joseph Stalin
a) President of China b) blank c) blank d) Dicatator of USSR
When USSR put missiles in Cuba, the closest we ever were to nuclear war
a) Berlin Wall b) blank c) blank d) Cuban Missile Crisis
The goal of th Marshall Plan and Truman Doctrine
a) both wanted to contain the spread of communism b) blank c) both answers d) us offered billions of $ in aid to help rebuild European Nations
Communist tried to set up a blockade of Berlin. Allies flew in supplies for almost a year to Berlin.
a) Berlin wall b) blank c) blank d) Berlin arilift
Race between two supper powers to get the biggest, best weapons
a) Amazing race b) blank c) blank d) Arms race
a wall that split democracy and communism, it was located in Berlin, it came down in 1989.
a) Berlin airlift b) blank c) Berlin wall d) arms race
An effort to lower cold war tensions
a) detente b) blank c) arms race d) Berlin Airlift
Major differences between US & USSR, Arms race, space programs, communist expansion, athletics, spy agencies, economies
a) resons for WWII b) blank c) reasons for civil war d) reasons for the Cold War
an imaginary line dividing democratic western Europe and communist eastern europ
a) Berlin Wall b) blank c) cold war d) Iron Curtain
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