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How many possible forms can cnidarians come in?
a) 2 b) c) d)
What are the forms that medusas can come in?
a) medusa b) c) d) polyp
Cnidarians have _____________ _________________ covered with ________________ __________?
a) long tentacles b) c) d) stinging cells
looks like a mushroom with tentacles streaming down from below
a) medusa b) c) d)
shaped like vases and usually live attached to surfaces
a) polyp b) c) d)
What is another name for a roundworm?
a) nematode b) c) d)
How do most planarians get their food? (What are they?)
a) predators b) c) d)
tiny barbed spear
a) nematocyst b) c) d)
ring of nerve cells in the center of the nerve net
a) nerve ring b) c) d)
bumps on side of flatworms head used for detecting food
a) sensory lobes b) c) d)
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