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According to the Roman church, who was appointed the head of the Catholic church by Christ?
a) Peter b) Paul c) James d) Constantine
During the fifth century, ___________ became the first bishop of Rome to support the Petrine theory.
a) Leo I b) Constantine c) Gelasius d) Valentinian III
What church leader in Gaul said that every church must agree with the Church of Rome?
a) Gelasius b) Irenaeus c) Constantine d) Diotrephes
Where was the first Christian church located?
a) Antioch b) Jerusalem c) Carthage d) Rome
What word comes from the Greek term meaning "overseer" or "superintendent"?
a) priest b) elder c) bishop d) deacon
The church leader who loved "to have preeminence" and who put himself above God's Word was
a) Diotrephes b) John c) Irenaeus d) Gelasius
What word comes from the Greek word for "servant"?
a) elder b) deacon c) priest d) bishop
What word is derived from the Greek word presbuteros?
a) minister b) elder c) bishop d) deacon
The twelve men who had firsthand knowledge of Jesus and whom God sent out to preach the gospel were called
a) presbyters b) apostles c) missionaries d) bishops
Which apostle quoted Scripture that settled the issue being discussed by the church meeting at Jerusalem?
a) Peter b) Paul c) James d) Philip
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