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Latin Americans whose ancestors are European and African are known as
a) Hispanic b) Mestizos c) Mulattos d) Spanish
What affect did smallpox have on the Incas and the Aztecs?
a) Very little b) Many died because they had no immunity c) It helped kill many rival empires d)
What empire ruled parts of central Mexico prior to the 1530s?
a) Incas b) Aztecs c) Mayans d) Eskimos
What empire ruled parts of western South America prior to the 1530s?
a) Incas b) Azrecs c) Mayans d) Olmecs
What did the Spanish bring to Latin America?
a) Tomatoes b) Licorice c) Horses d) Corn
Which two European countries contributed to the languages of Latin America?
a) England and Spain b) Spain and Portugal c) France and Portugal d) England and Portugal
The capital of the Aztec Empire was:
a) Peru b) Cuzco c) Mesoamerica d) Tenochtitlan
Where did Europeans find a labor source after the indigenous people died?
a) Slaves from Africa b) Settlers from Europe c) Peasants from Russia d) Indigenous people from Australia
Francisco Pizzaro led the attack on which Latin American empire?
a) Olmecs b) Aztecs c) Mayans d) Incas
What is the most common religion of Latin America?
a) Creole b) Baptist c) Quechua d) Roman Catholic
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