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Who won grammy 2012 ?
a) Kelly Rowland b) Andre 3000 c) Justin Beiber d) Beyonce
Who is a new artist ?
a) Mrs.Lain b) Rick Ross c) Carly Rae Jempsen d) Justin Timberlake
Who was the first president ?
a) George Washington b) Aleshia Sorrell c) Abe Linchon d) Thomas Edison
Who is a blind piano player?
a) Stevey Wonder b) Alicia Keys c) Mariah Carey d) Nicki Minaj
What are humans considered ?
a) Mammals b) Reptile c) Amphibian d) People
What show is on ?
Who is your mom ?
a) Ms. Johnson b) Ms. Lake c) Ms. Elliott d) Mrs. Lain
What is Kimora's middle name (your cousin) ?
a) Amanda b) Aieyahh c) Aleshia d) Balls
What is Chicken made of ?
a) Dead Rats b) Mice c) Snakes d) Cows
What school is the biggest ?
a) High School b) Middle School c) Private School d) Elementary School
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