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Confections, such as cake, candy, and sweets, should be eaten sparingly. What does confections mean?
a) sweet foods b) vegetable c) meats d) fruits
Bobby thinks it's funny to tantalize Sally, such as making fun of her curly hair, but it only makes the other kids mad at him. What does tantalize mean?
a) tease b) talk to c) rush d) poke
The light from the flashlight was seen through translucent objects, such as tracing paper and liquid in a glass, but it was not completely clear. What does translucent mean?
a) see through b) thick c) dark d) solid
An entrepreneur, such as the man that owns the corner store or the lady that owns the beauty shop, saves money to begin a business. What does entrepreneur mean?
a) worker b) businessman or woman c) homebody d) athlete
An edifice, such as the Empire State Building, can take years to build. What does edifice mean?
a) steel b) large building c) coal mine d) concrete wall
Larceny, such as stealing a car, can cause you to spend a lot of time in jail. What does larceny mean?
a) theft b) bravery c) murder d) conflict
Candles, flashlights, and lamps illuminate the room. What does illuminate mean?
a) darken b) light up c) weaken d) lower
Sunlight can't shine through opaque objects like brick walls and wooden doors. What does opaque mean?
a) thick b) clear c) transparent d) thin
Catastrophic events include the September 11th terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and earthquakes. What does catastrophic mean?
a) happy b) wonderful c) fun d) disastrous
She winced in pain when the rock fell on her foot. What does winced mean?
a) jumped b) screamed c) cried d) flinched
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