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What term refers to the process of a seed sprouting?
a) pollination b) epidermis c) stomata d) germination
What substance does a seed need to germinate?
a) a Wii b) water c) Uggs d) transpiration
What term refers to the undeveloped plant that exits inside the seed?
a) chlorophyll b) embryo c) respiration d) spore
What term refers to the protective coating AROUND the seed?
a) seed parka b) mold c) root hair d) seed coat
Which of the following is NOT an important plant part?
a) roots b) dust c) leaves and flowers d) stems
What is the protective outer layer of a leaf called? Note ... we have this layer on our skin too!
a) epidermis b) epiglottis c) roots d) cotyledon
On the lower epidermis are tiny openings called stomata. They allow the plant to get rid of extra water. What is this process called?
a) transpiration b) perspiration c) transportation d) deregulation
Plants need WATER and SUNLIGHT to make food. What gas is also needed in this process?
a) carbon monoxide b) chloroform c) sodium chloride d) carbon dioxide
What is the green substance in a leaf that traps sunlight?
a) stomata b) the Incredible Hulk c) chlorophyll d) root hairs
What is the name of the food-making process for plants?
a) transpiration b) photosynthesis c) respiration d) germination
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