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Find density: Mass=85 grams Volume= 65 mL
a) 1.30 g/mL b) 5.4 g/mL c) 1.9 g/mL d) 2.1 g/mL
Find mass: Density= 3 g/mL Volume= 15mL
a) 30 grams b) 60 grams c) 45 grams d) 25 grams
Find volume: Mass= 85 grams Density= 1.16
a) 75 mL b) 73 mL c) 72 mL d) 76 mL
Find density: Mass= 16 grams Volume= 25 mL
a) .64 g/mL b) .46 g/mL c) .72 g/mL d) .69 g/mL
Find mass: Density= .41 g/mL Volume: 54 mL
a) 25 grams b) 23 grams c) 27 grams d) 22 grams
Find volume: Mass= 65 grams Density=.79 g/mL
a) 84 mL b) 81 mL c) 83 mL d) 82 mL
Find density: Mass= 72.5 grams Volume=91mL
a) .81 g/mL b) .79 g/mL c) .76 g/mL d) .83 g/mL
Find mass: Density= 1.17 g/mL Volume= 79mL
a) 94 grams b) 91 grams c) 95 grams d) 92 grams
Find volume: mass 136 grams Density= 10.46 g/mL
a) 10 mL b) 13 mL c) 15 mL d) 12 mL
Find density: Mass=115 grams Volume=80 mL
a) 1.98 g/mL b) 1.32 g/mL c) 1.43 g/mL d) 1.87 g/mL
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