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In addition to light, which of the following do plants need to undergo photosynthesis?
a) Water b) Oxygen c) Carbon Monoxide d) Dirt
In addition to light, which of the following do plants needs to undergo photosynthesis?
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Oxygen c) Soil d) Minerals
What are the products in the photosynthesis reaction?
a) Oxygen and Sugar b) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide c) Carbon Dioxide and Sugar d) Sugar and Water
Which of the following is NOT needed for photosynthesis?
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Oxygen c) Water d) Sunlight
What part of the plant is where photosynthesis occurs?
a) leaves b) stems c) roots d) flower
What is the source of energy for plant photosynthesis?
a) The Sun b) Water c) Clouds d) Dirt
One of the products of photosynthesis is:
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Sugar c) Water d) Minerals
What happens to the sugar that plants make during photosynthesis?
a) It leaves the plants through the stomata b) It is stored as starch for later use by the plant and other consumers. c) It is digested by the plant d) It is reabsorbed into the soil
If plants didn't get sunlight, what would you expect to happen to the plants leaves?
a) They would start to die. b) Nothing would happen c) They would get stronger d) They would stay the same
What is the substance in plant's leaves that helps with photosynthesis?
a) Chlorophyll b) Stem c) Sepel d) Stomata
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