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A deep valley that forms along a divergent boundary
a) rift valley b) Mount McKinley c) deep-ocean trench d) fault
A rigid layer that includes the upper part of the mantle and crust
a) lithosphere b) continental crust c) oceanic crust d) asthenosphere
This is used to map the ocean floor
a) sonar b) whales c) dolphins d) Alvin
The outer layer of Earth
a) crust b) outer core c) inner core d) mantle
The largest mountain chain in the world
a) mid-ocean ridge b) Rocky Mountains c) Yellowstone d) Alps
The movement of energy from a warmer object to a cooler object is
a) heat transfer b) radiation c) convection d) conduction
The process that continually adds new material to the ocean floor is called
a) sea-floor spreading b) none of the answers c) mid-ocean ridges d) trenches
Wegner\'s supercontinent
a) Pangaea b) Gowanda c) beccahowellland d) stveronicaland
The study of Earth
a) geology b) geography c) beccalogy d) meterology
The lithosphere is broken into pieces called
a) plates b) calligraphy c) beccosphere d) dishes
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