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Writing whose purpose is to instruct or to teach. It is usually formal and focuses on moral or ethical concerns.
a) explication b) didactic c) invective d) induction
an attack on the person rather than on the opponent’s ideas
a) invective b) conundrum c) induction d) ad hominem
Main theme or subject of a work that is elaborated on in the development of the piece. A repeated pattern or idea
a) didactic b) genre c) motif d) metonymy
A term to describe writing that borders on lecturing. It is scholarly and academic and often overly difficult and distant
a) pedantic b) hubris c) explication d) invective
A riddle whose answer is or involves a pun. It may also be a paradox or difficult problem.
a) conundrum b) invective c) metonymy d) euphemism
A more acceptable and usually more pleasant way of saying something that might be inappropriate or uncomfortable.
a) conundrum b) euphemism c) hubris d) didactic
The excessive pride of ambition that leads a tragic hero to disregard warnings of impending doom, eventually causing his or her downfall
a) conundrum b) invective c) hubris d) ad hominem
the process that moves from a given series of specifics to a generalization
a) invective b) pedantic c) induction d) inference
a verbally abusive attack
a) invective b) induction c) ad hominem d) motif
a figure of speech that uses the name of an object, person, or idea to represent something with which it is associated, such as using the crown to refer to a monarch
a) pedantic b) euphemism c) hubris d) metonymy
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