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what is potential energy?
a) stored energy b) moving ball c) still ball d) energy in motion
what is kinetic energy?
a) stored energy b) moving ball c) energy in motion d) moving ball
When is potential energy transformed into kinetic?
a) when an object it at rest on a mountain b) when a ball is underground c) when an object is in motion d) when a object thats at rest remains at rest
The amount of kinetic energy an object had depends on its
a) mass and speed b) volume and friction c) speed and density d) mass and volume
What do kinetic and potential energy have in common?
a) mass b) volume c) motion d) density
Whats another word for kinetic?
a) energy b) potential c) stored d) motion
Whats a synonym for potential
a) kinetic b) stored c) energy d) motion
in a generator kinetic energy is transferred into
a) potential energy b) solar energy c) electricity d) motion
When does an object have no kinetic energy?
a) when its at rest b) when it has no electrical energy c) when its only acting on gravity d) when its moving slowly
Which object has the most potential energy?
a) a ball resting on the ground b) a ball resting on the edge of a cliff c) a ball on top of a refrigerator d) a ball being thrown at 100 miles per hour
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