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Each worksheet in a workbook has ________ columns
a) 256 b) 782 c) 300 d) 20
Each worksheet in a workbook has ________ rows
a) 100 b) 202,076 c) 10,000 d) 65,536
When you open a new workbook, the default cell is _____
a) D15 b) A9 c) A1 d) B3
This is the object that represents individual values. It can be a bar, a column, a symbol, an image, or other symbol.
a) Tick Mark b) Data marker c) Legend d) Plot Area
This is a single value or piece of data from the data series.
a) Data point b) Data Series c) Tick Mark d) Data Marker
This is a small line or marker on the category(x) and value(y) axes to help in reading the values.
a) Data Series b) Data Point c) Data Marker d) Tick Mark
This is a collection of related values from the worksheet. These values are in the same column or row and translate into the columns, lines, pie slices and so on.
a) Data Marker b) Gridline c) Data Series d) Tick Mark
These appear vertically and are identified by letters at the top of the worksheet.
a) Rows b) Columns c) Tick Mark d) Data Series
These appear horizontally and are identified by numbers on the left side of the worksheet window.
a) Row b) Tick Mark c) Data Series d) Columns
The intersection of a row and column
a) Box b) Chart c) Grid d) Cell
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