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This acts like a force in a thermal system when moving heat energy
a) temperature difference b) heat c) thermometer d) Celsius
This is the temperature scale that is most widely used in THIS country
a) Celsius b) Kelvin c) Fahrenheit d) Universal
This is a descriptive term that refers to the form of energy found in the vibrating motion of atoms and molecules
a) temperature b) heat c) thermocouple d) thermometer
This is a liquid-in-glass device that is commonly used to measure temperature
a) heat b) reference junction c) thermocouple d) thermometer
This is a temperature measuring device that is widely used in industry
a) thermometer b) heat c) thermocouple d) millivolt
This physical quantity depends on the presence of absence of heat in and is measured in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit
a) Fahrenheit b) temperature c) heat d) millivolt
this is the part of the thermocouple that is kept at a known temperature
a) millivolt b) reference junction c) measurement junction d) temperature difference
This is the freezing point of water on the Fahrenheit scale
a) 212 degrees b) 32 degrees c) 0 degrees d) 100 degrees
This is the part of the thermocouple where the two wires are twisted together and placed on the unknown temperature.
a) reference junction b) measurement junction c) millivolt d) temperature difference
This is what is moved in a thermal system from warmer regions to cooler regions
a) temperature b) heat c) millivolt d) Fahrenheit
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